Posted by Stacey Venker on May 28 2020 at 01:02PM PDT

TFL is ready to ‘HIT’ the courts. While tennis appears to be an obvious sport/activity for social distancing, TFL will be implementing the following protocol.

*Social Distancing will be used at all times.

*Students are encouraged to where a mask when walking to the courts, using the facilities and returning to their vehicles.

*Please wash your hands before entering the courts. Hand sanitizer will be available if needed.
All Students will enter the courts using the gates on the sidelines between courts 4&5.
All Students will exit behind the courts using the gates between courts 3&4 and courts 5&6

*Tennis Instructors will have use/have their own tennis cart.
*Tennis Instructors will be the only ones to touch a tennis ball with their hand.
*Tennis Instructors will place a mask on when within 6 feet of a student.

*Each student will have their own designated ball hopper to pick up balls.
Each hopper will be sanitized after every lesson
If a student would like to touch a ball, please provide your own glove on non-dominate hand.

*TFL will provide some umbrella’s and shade tarps.
To insure proper social distancing, TFL encourages students to bring their own umbrella and chair.

*TFL will not provide water, students encouraged to bring own water.


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