Junior Athens Recreational Tennis League (JrARTL)


In order to keep the JrARTL progressing smoothly, please take the responsibility to call or e-mail your opponent and return phone calls in a timely manner. Vacation plans should be preceded by a phone call to inform your opponent and to schedule your match upon your return.

If there is a player in your schedule that consistently fails to return your calls please:
1. Let us know about the situation and
2. If your scheduled date has passed leave the other player a last chance phone message stating that if your call is not returned within 48 hr. the match will be considered a forfeit in your favor.

In the event of season-ending injury, it is the responsibility of injured player to notify Tennis for Life and also to notify players of said injury/withdrawal from league play. No refunds will be issued once the schedules have been posted.
All matches are to be played under USTA rules.
Matches will be best 2 of 3 sets with a 7-point tie-break at 6 games all. If a third set is needed a 10-point tie-break must be played.
Matches can be played at any location as long as it is agreeable with your opponent. Courts at Bishop Park cannot be reserved and are on a "first come, first serve" basis.
The date and time of the match must be agreed upon by all players involved in the match. Once a match day and time has been agreed upon by both opponents, it cannot be changed. If one opponent cannot play, that opponent must forfeit match.
Both players must bring a new can of balls to the match. The winner will keep the unopened can (the loser will keep the balls used for the match).
In the event a match is rained out, match should be rescheduled and completed as soon as possible. All matches should be played by last date on schedule. League season will not be extended.
After a completed match, the winner of the match will e-mail jr.artl@tennisforlife.net and report score to insure accurate record keeping. Please report errors or omissions as soon as you detect them.
Awards will be presented to winner in each division. Winners will be determined by match results. In the event of a tie, the least number of sets lost will determine the winner.
Matches that have not been played and their scores reported by the last date in the schedule will be considered double forfeits. If at least 75% of the matches have been played we will try to determine a division winner; in some cases there will be no division winner.
In consideration of your opponent, your partner and yourself, please turn off your cell phone during match play. This will help ensure your concentration and enjoyment of the match.